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Proposed Workshops


Each of the following workshops will take place at The Inward Eye studio in Bryn Mawr, PA. Each day will be about 4 hours in length, starting at 9:30am, ending at approximately 1:30pm.

Basic art materials will be provided (pastels, oil pastels, markers, pencils, paper, magazines for collage, clay) but you are invited to bring your own, if you prefer.

Cost will be $120 per day. Early registration- two weeks prior to the date of the workshop- will cost only $100 per day. Please contact Bob Schoenholtz, at 610-761-1905 to discuss registration.

Registration will be limited to 4-5 people- so register early!


*Evoking Intuition

Everyone has the ability to be intuitive, although many people do not know how to find this in themselves- or recognize it when it occurs. This workshop will help participants to develop a method of evoking intuition through the self-directed use of Interactive Guided Imagery.

*Meetings with Inner Guides

Every person has a source of knowledge within that exists outside of the ordinary self with which we are most familiar. This information can be about personal health; interpersonal relationships; one's place in family, society, the world or cosmos; or virtually any other subject. Your inner guides are personifications of aspects of the deep self that are seldom recognized in the usual day-to-day self concept. This workshop will provide the setting and guidance to evoke your guides, derive information from them, and put what you learn to use.

*Unblocking with Imagery

Many people at some time feel that they are blocked in regard to their creativity, open expression, or clear thinking, or experience some form of self constraint (unwanted and unbidden). Through the use of Interactive Guided Imagery, this workshop will provide a setting and a method to address this limitation and find ways for relief.


This workshop will help the participant to find and an inner guide to help in making decisions, large and small. Bring in an unresolved decision or just come into work how to use the method for when the need arises.

*Developing the Inward Eye

This workshop will help participants to learn to use the wisdom of their inner guides. Inner guides can take any form and are manifestations of the practitioner's unconscious that can show the person new awareness. Through the use of Interactive Guided Imagery and art making, we will discover these inner resources and begin to develop a relationship with them. This can lead to personal growth, learning, healing, and spiritual discovery.


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